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Wild Ivory RN Birth Coach

Personalized pregnancy & birth coaching, assessment and support

  • 30 hours
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Service Description

Wild Ivory RN Birth Coaches have Specialized Training and Experience in Labor and Delivery. The Wild Ivory Birth Coach service includes: 24/7 Telephone Consultation during your pregnancy and early postpartum period Scholarly, evidenced-based knowledge during each step of your pregnancy, labor and birth experience, enabling you and your family to have peace of mind when making decisions for yourself and your baby Understandable moment-by-moment explanations of medical terms and situations Present and attentive listening, validation and support Provision of helpful resources and referrals to appropriate specialists Two private, individualized home visits to help you prepare for your baby's birth and discover your birth preferences In-home Early Labor Assessment and support including; -listening to your baby's heart rate -assessing your contractions -performing a vaginal examination to assess cervical dilation, effacement and position of your baby -assessment of vaginal show (discharge/bleeding) and rupture of membranes (water breaking) -Calming presence during early labor Direction for the right time to transfer to your planned birthplace Continual presence of your Wild Ivory Birth Coach during your labor and the birth of your baby Suggestions of important questions you may wish to ask your Care Provider and health care team Emotional support & non-medicinal physical comfort measures during labor and birth including; -relaxation techniques -massage -positioning -TENS machine -intracutaneous sterile water injections -hot and cold compresses -aromatherapy -music -visual focal stimuli -verbal praise, coaching and direction Inclusion of your partner and birth support team in the birth experience Your Birth Coach advocates for your decisions and works together with your Health Care Team to ensure optimal outcomes for you and your baby Your Birth Coach works with your Health Care Team to promote a positive birth experience for you and your family Creation of a relaxing and peaceful birth environment Provision of healthy snacks and beverages during labor and birth Breastfeeding and baby care support after the birth of your baby One nutritious meal for you and your birth partner once your baby is born Champagne Toast with visitors to celebrate the baby's arrival Postpartum Home Visit within two days of returning home with your baby A Personalized Birth Story written by your Birth Coach

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    + 604-614-8674

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