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What Does Your Investment Get You?

Every pregnancy, woman and family is unique, as are their needs, hopes, wishes and priorities. This is why, at Wild Ivory, we do not have set prices for services. Instead, we want to get to know you, your situation, what your ultimate birth experience would look like and create a custom package just for you!

This is how we work:

1. Connect with us on the phone, or by email, for a preliminary conversation to determine if Wild Ivory Services are right for you!


2. Next, we set up a personalized session where we hear from you - what matters most, any worries you may have, and listen to your needs and wishes. We get a good overview of what's important to you and which of our services will help you accomplish your desired birth! We provide you with a deliverable care plan and package estimate. We discuss your budget and make sure you are getting the most value for what's important to you. This interview takes about an hour. The Interview cost including the written care plan report and estimate, that's yours to keep, is $250

3. The written care plan and report outlines your situation and provides a proposed individualized package, especially for you, including a complete package price! When you sign the proposal to commence working together, the initial interview cost of $250 is refunded.​

4. You decide when you are ready to commence working together, getting you off to a great start - feeling courageous, peaceful, joyous and confident! Say goodbye to uncertainty, doubt, fear and exhaustion and instead enter motherhood, gloriously.

See below for example packages showing what we were able to accomplish for clients and the cost

Kara's Package

Kara was a Wild Ivory Mama. She was a single mother with 6 year old twin boys, Kyle and Kaden, and a newborn baby, Jessa. Kara's main need was help postpartum caring for her children and home. Deanne, one of our Wild Ivory Nannies was there to help her out! For the first week, after Kara and baby Jessa returned home, Nanny Deanne was able to walk the 6 year old boys to and from school each day, grocery shop, meal prep, make school lunches, cook meals, make freezer meals, bake and do housecleaning and housekeeping. Kara was able to rest and focus on breastfeeding baby Jessa. Breastfeeding was a priority Kara had discussed during her initial interview, as she struggled with breastfeeding her twins previously, and she really wanted to exclusively breastfeed Jessa. A Lactation Consultation was included in Kara's package to ensure she got off to a good start breastfeeding! Kara was able to rest and recover, worry free, after her birth and she got her wish to easily and effortlessly nurse little Jessa!

Included in Kara's package were:

5-6 hour Nanny Sessions (30 hours)

Lactation Consultation

The full cost of Kara's package was $1585

minus Initial Interview fee $250

Total Cost $1335

Andie's Package

Andie was one of our Wild Ivory Mamas. She was pregnant with her second baby and was feeling anxious about her pregnancy and birth. She had a traumatic first birth experience, in hospital, where she felt pressured into certain interventions, she later regretted. Andie connected with us looking for support and advocacy for her current pregnancy and birth.

Andie's package included being able to connect via telephone with her birth coach before and after prenatal appointments to ask more in-depth questions to be informed every step of her prenatal journey. Her birth coach explained particulars around decisions Andie would need to make during each trimester of her pregnancy and helped her come up with relevant questions to ask her doctor to ensure she was making the best decisions for herself and her baby. Having concrete information gave Andie confidence to make choices and stand strong in her decisions.


Andie's package included 3 massage therapy sessions and 3 chiropractic sessions as Annie was feeling anxious and tense about the upcoming birth. These bodywork sessions helped relax and calm her and helped release her pelvis and sacrum for an optimal birth.


Andie's birth coach came to her home twice during her pregnancy to get to know her, her husband Joe and their now 3 year old son, Eric. Their Birth Coach spent time listening while the couple shared about their first birth experience and how they hoped things would be different this time. Their Birth Coach helped them understand different birth preferences and why certain things may be chosen in different circumstances. She helped calm Andie and Joe by explaining what to expect once labor starts and reassured them she would only be a phone call away.


Once Andie's contractions started, her birth coach joined her at her home. She provided reassurance, comfort measures and showed Joe how to do what Andie needed to feel supported and comforted. As Andie's contractions intensified, her birth coach was able to do a nursing labor assessment and determined she was 3.5cm dilated and now in active labor. It was time to head to the hospital.


Andie and Joe had pre-arranged that the Wild Ivory on-call Nanny would come attend to little Eric while Andie was giving birth in hospital. The on-call nanny that night was Natasha. Andie had Natasha come a couple weeks previously for a 4 hour session where she met Eric, helped prepare freezer meals and washed and organized baby clothes for the new baby's arrival. Little Eric helped Natasha with the cooking and laundry and began to feel comfortable with her. Andie let him know Natasha or another nanny would be coming to stay with him while mommy was having his baby sister in the hospital. Eric seemed excited about that.

The on-call Nanny arrived and Andie's birth coach accompanied her and Joe to the hospital. She continued to provide information, support, teaching and advocacy throughout Andie's labor and birth. Having the constant presence of someone she trusted to reassure her and answer her questions allowed Andie to relax and her birth hormones to flow because, although the labor was intense, she was not afraid. At one point, Andie's labor seemed to have "stalled" and her care team suggested augmenting her labor with oxytocin. Andie's birth coach knew oxytocin was something Andie was hoping to avoid. She asked Andie's team if Andie and Joe could have some time to think about that decision and then advocated for Andie's decision to decline and continue labouring naturally. Andie confidently gave birth to a perfect baby girl with dark curly locks just like her daddy!  Her birth coach helped her with breastfeeding, personal care and delivered a healthy and delicious meal for Andie and Joe to enjoy. The next day their birth coach returned with birthday cake and champagne for them and their visitors to enjoy while celebrating the birth of their new little girl, Jewel.


Once Andie, Joe and Jewel returned home, their birth coach stopped by to see how things were going and gave them a beautifully written story of Jewel's birth! Joe only had 3 days off before having to return to work so, Nanny Natasha came twice a week for 4 hour sessions during the first couple weeks to help Andie with watching Eric, caring for Jewel, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and walking their dog, Angus. Andie got the birth experience she was hoping for and felt supported all throughout her pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

Included in Andie's Package were:

Initial Interview

24/7 Telephone Access to Birth Coach

In-Home Early Labor Support & Assessment

RN Birth Coach Service

3 Massage Therapy Sessions

3 Chiropractic Sessions

5 4-Hour Nanny Sessions (20 hours)

One Overnight On-Call Nanny Service (10 hours)

The full cost of Annie's package was $3460

minus the Initial Interview fee -$250

and she was reimbursed through her benefits for a portion of Massage and Chiropractic fee -$420

Total Cost $2790

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