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Baby Presents

Gift Cards

Bless an expecting or new Mother, her baby and family with the gift of peace, encouragement, support, relaxation and calm.

Wild Ivory Services have been touted the best gift a new mother can receive!

Call or email today to order your gift card or service package:


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Nanny & Housekeeping Services

Give the gift of relief, calm, presence and peace to a new or expecting mama and her family. Having help to accomplish daily needs such as a clean home, meal prep, grocery shopping or child care offers peace of mind knowing these things are taken care of, which allows the mother to focus on growing her belly, healing herself and nourishing her newborn.

Water Birth

Registered Nurse and Body Work Services

Give the gift of self-confidence, self-care, strength, wisdom and accomplishment to an expecting or new mother. When you build positively into mothers, you affect the entire family, home, community and world. Investing in mothers results in changing the world.

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Celebration Services

Gift the gift of celebration and joy! Allow our party planners to take care of stressful planning, details and cleanup so the expecting or new mother can simply enjoy being celebrated, focusing on herself, her birth, her healing and her baby.

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