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Our Team

Proper. Personal. Professional.

Meet our team of passionate and caring practitioners who support the informed choices of each family. We believe in honouring you and how you choose to birth, parent and live your life! Our providers support families through pregnancy, birth and new parenting. They understand their role, maintain their scope of practice and work together with families’ health care teams to promote a positive and safe birth experience.

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Our Story

There is a collective need for more support, teaching and uplifting of pregnant women and new mothers in our society and community. Birth is a transformational life event that a mother will remember for her entire life. The experience of birth has the power to lift a new mother into a place of confidence, accomplishment and pride; or the experience can traumatize her, leaving her feeling defeated, violated, shameful or broken. There are far too many stories of women who, while pregnant or giving birth, felt helpless, afraid, not listened to and alone.

Wild Ivory endeavours to protect mothers with a safety net of support, encouragement, knowledge, confidence and joy! We want our clients to feel whole, celebrated, acknowledged and confident; providing them with a place where they feel safe and secure to morph into motherhood with boldness, courage and pride!

Meet The Team

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